Sunday, August 27, 2006

The drought is over

Since the traveling parent arrived home, I had a 4 day masturbation drought. It sucked hard. I came home from a party quite late and was still quite wide awake from copious amounts of caffeine.

"The drought must be broken!", I think to myself.

So I head in for a shower, and take my sweet time doing it. It had been a little while since I had shaved my pubic hair, so I started off with that. That was all done, nice and cleanly shaven. Then I had a wash and dried off.

I started off slowly, lathering up the head with the copious amounts of pre-cum that were now starting to ooze out fairly steadily. Having a look at some newly acquired porn, and some of the favorites.

I felt the point of no return approaching...and I turned back, a few times.

After the 5th time of that, I thought the next approach to the critical moment, I will push myself over the edge.

I stood up, got a firm footing, wanked hard and furiously, then WOOSH!

I shot 12 very ample shots all over my desk, with the first one leaving with so much force that after I checked today, it went about 4ft.

A very satisfying wank indeed! As much as I would like to have a wank like that every time, a multiple day drought is a huge ask!

The drought ender

I'm a big Raylene fan. She can always coax out a bit more :)

The Day Wank

I love to wank during the daylight hours. For me it seems a little more...luxurious.

I have time during the day for hobbies / entertainment, but not too much private time. I work part time, so my days are not filled at an office or warehouse. I have quite a lean university schedule, and having been there for a few years now, I am quite in tune on how to get the most marks out of least effort.

I usually have a few daylight hours "free" every few days. The Wanking?

I am a private person by nature, if you met me before this blog and I told you, you would not believe me. So I like to have a bit of privacy about my masturbation.

The day winds down, I eat dinner, watch some TV and then it's time for wanking. The parent(s) are asleep at the other end of the house, I can make a bit of noise and have no fear of the approaching parent I cannot hear because of the silent carpet.

So why luxurious?

Because the days I have the chance to strip off all my clothes, have a good long slow wank and not worry about being walked in on are rare days. On those days I can fully soak up the hedonistic pleasures of it all. This is much better than the usual stolen quick wank at night time.

Now, I don't know about other people, but I like to see myself cum. I feel I should at least witness the pay off from all my hard work. At night the lighting here is not the best and artificial light casts wider shadows in my room which makes it look odd. Daylight is perfect.

Another great aspect of masturbating during the middle of the day is that all around me, people have 9 - 5 jobs, there is no one around to hear the porn, or me. Unfortunately, many of my neighbors have 2 storey houses, and I don't. From some angles they have a perfect view into my yard. Which makes the outdoors wanking a bit more difficult. When they are not around, lying out on the grass on a warm spring day is fantastic.

That's why I love to wank during the daylight hours. How about you?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My absence

Again I must apologize for my lack of posting. Turns out the antibiotics I was taking may not have been doing anything (ie, it could be a virus over a bactrtial infection), and it flared up quite a bit over the weekend, and I have felt like the floor of a public bathroom.

I posted the latest thing I jerked off to, which was a few days ago now. It is a little strange. I want to jerk off, but at the same time I don't really feel like it. Odd

The travelling parent has arrived back in the country, which unfortunately means that I will be once again have a lot less time to myself, to do what I like to do the most.

But now I should be able to post a little more regularly, plus I have printed out some more pictures for Got Cum? submissions, so check back soonish. :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The last thing I jerked off to...

She looks like she was having as much fun as me :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

What was it this time?

It was this ;)

Sugasm #42

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Naught Julie courtesty of Seska 4 Lovers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Got Cum?

I really like "Got Cum?". I don't quite know why. I've always liked for whatever reason you could pin it on to see the results of people ejaculating on pictures of their favourite models and actresses. I figured I should probably give something back after looking so many times.

So, here is my contribution :)

What did it for me

So, what was the cause of eruption this time? This beauty :)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The last thing I jerked off to...

I was thinking, what else can I post to this blog? My ability to grab some time and write big wordy posts is rapidly diminishing. Then I remembered a comment from a reader a little while ago, some more details about my masturbation.

So I am going to post the photos of what I was looking at, at the time of orgasm.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Sleeping Naked

There is one thing I have never quite been able to conquer. Being able to sleep naked, or at the very least, bottomless.

Everything else I have ever wanted to figure out or try, I have without too much hassle.

  • Full and easy retraction of my foreskin
  • Lowering the sensitivity of glans to make playing with my foreskin more enjoyable
  • Shaving dick & balls
  • Venture a finger into the "tradesman's entrance"

But the one thing I am never quite able to get past the bit of me that controls inhibitions is taking my clothes off when I go to sleep.

Every time I try as a sort of "spur of the moment" type thing, I screw it up. Invariably after a few minutes my brain (as any young male brain does) starts thinking about sex, or jerking off, or porn, or all 3 at once! Given the new found easy access to the equipment, soon enough I'm wanking away.

If I plan a few hours beforehand, more than likely I will wimp out and take the safe and proven, clothed option. If I have my usual pre - sleep tug, I will try to resist the urge to throw everything back on and climb into bed. But I fail.

In the first instance I had a few theories formulated to try and explain why I could not ever quite accomplish my aim.

The first was that when I was a much younger fellow in 1996 for some unknown reason I wet the bed. Before that time I cannot even remember doing it. That stuck out like a sore thumb. For a few years after, it remained wedged in my mind. I have to discount the idea for today's problems as it hasn't happened in a whole decade, and if it did happen again what sort of safeguard is wearing a thin pair of boxers going to achieve?

The second is as a teenager I had heard that wet dreams were partly caused by direct stimulation by sheets & blankets etc. I've never had a wet dream, I much preferred to be awake to enjoy my orgasms.

When I was in the beginner stage of using my foreskin (which I've said happened quite late, around 17 years old) I often times had a bit of a problem with cum leaking out after the fact. Or a bit getting caught in the foreskin and oozing out later on. Wishing to avoid the tell - tale signs on my sheets, I would quickly whip the boxers back on and go to sleep. Which in the end was pretty bloody stupid anyway as the little wet spot would be on my front. Now I wait a few minutes and squeeze the final few drops out. So no more indications.

The final reason I could think of would be the chance of being walked in on. For years there was a sort of unspoken rule that my door shouldn't be closed. No idea why, but it shouldn't. Now it is quite acceptable as it keeps my dog out when I try to sleep. People knock when they need me for something, so I have to reject that theory.

I really want to beat this particular hang up, especially in the warmer months as it is infinitely more comfortable.

Am I crazy? Should I just get on with it and try harder? Practice some self - control? Or are there any other people with a similar issue? Let me know :)

July Totals

Sorry it's been a while, I've been ill again (and still am), so I haven't had posting at the top of my list of things to do.

July was a fairly sad state of affairs

Total 25
In country: 13
Not in country: 12.

This brings the total for the year up to 224 times, with the breakdown as
In country: 72 (32.1%)
Not in country: 152 (67.9%)